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Scottish politics news and analysis blog.

Politics.scot is a new blog that will provide news and analysis of Scottish politics.

Launched by Digital Scotland, an Edinburgh-based startup dedicated to the goal of Scotland becoming a world leading digital nation, our objective is a site that both discusses and advances politics in Scotland.

News and Comment

This includes how it is reported. A significant challenge for Scotland is a stilted media industry intent on maintaining a status quo, fielding a stale cadre of the same old faces regurgitating the same old messages.

So our primary goal is provide a platform for a new, fresh set of voices. The site is powered by the latest social community platform to encourage participation and to enable easy guest article publishing. Scotland is renowned for having a highly engaged, politically literate and opinionated public, and our ambition is to attract the best of these and help share them to a wider audience.

With this challenge in mind our editorial agenda is entirely neutral, we not here to promote one particular political party or belief nor one particular side of the Independence debate, but rather enable an overall context of Scottish politics and within this a diverse and hopefully stimulating cross section of ideas.

To get started use the Submit option to send through your articles.


Additionally we also welcome long form articles that might cover any aspect of Scottish democracy now and into the future.

For example our first article examines the potential Blockchain technology might play in entirely transforming the very nature of democracy.



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