Scottish Independence a Post-Brexit Option, SNP’s Blackford Says

Scottish Independence a Post-Brexit Option, SNP’s Blackford Says

Ian Blackford tells Bloomberg that a No Deal Brexit qualifies as a material change of circumstance necessitating IndyRef2.

The growth of Scotland/UK trade is given as evidence for a renewed imperative to retain Scotland’s place in the UK.

EU exports have increased 13.3% over the past year to hit £14.9bn, while UK trade is up 4.6% to £48.9bn, prompting David Mundell and Theresa May to claim the case for the union is stronger than ever.

However in a Bloomberg interview the SNP’s Ian Blackford says the looming crisis of a No Deal Brexit means that the terms of their last election to the devolved Scottish parliament, that a material change of circumstances, would activate the requirement for a second Independence referendum to protect the people of Scotland from these negative economic impacts.

He says Nicola Sturgeon will make that determination once the Brexit outcome is known, highlighting that the nation considers themselves Scottish and European, and that they take very seriously the need to maintain that status.



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