It doesn’t matter, you’ve got dark skin

It doesn’t matter, you’ve got dark skin

Nothing but racism is driving the Brexit catastrophe.

This Guardian article highlights the true nature of Brexit, that so many pretend isn’t the case – Any scale of negative impact upon the whole UK is acceptable, as long as we can stop ‘dem foreigners’ getting in.

Nothing but absolute, blatant racism is driving what will be the worst economic catastrophe for the nation but that and all of its impacts are considered acceptable as long as immigration, of a certain type of people, is cut.

In Crewe and Nantwich a 73 year old former builder says :

“We voted because of immigration and we didn’t realise how poor we would be. It will be terrible but I still want it, because of immigration.”

“We’ve got too many of them coming over here and I want it to stop.”

Describing the experience of local Iraqi-Kurds the article highlights how they were told by locals they’ll soon be rid of them and that their British citizenship is irrelevant – ‘It doesn’t matter, you’ve got dark skin.’

The impact upon these poor people is horrendous, such as being made homeless, and it’s really quite terrifying how the rise of such hateful right wing views have become normalized to the degree it’s shaping the very nature of the entire country, let alone driving the largest of economic decision.

The UK is fighting for its very soul, the Brexit debate being hijacked as a context for reliving Empire 2.0, the glory days when England single handed won WWII and bestowed the greatness of their nation upon a grateful set of colonies. The Tories know this goes right to the core of their base and they’ll be wiped out of government if they don’t pander to it.

How Ireland is being treated is a sickening demonstration of this effect, with commenters almost surprised they don’t want to be part of the Empire again, motivated only by the fact it’s a solution out of their backstop impasse. Keynote BBC presenter John Humphreys thought nothing of proposing this as if it wasn’t entirely insulting, and the Telegraph is pitching the same fantasy from the same arrogant perspective.

The outcry that Ian Blackfords comments about the Good Friday Agreement is yet another example – Every one outside of Tories and Brexiteers knows this is the case but simply stating the obvious is considered reckless… But actually taking the steps that risks the collapse of the GFA and all that will bring, isn’t.

Ironically the Scottish independence movement is often characterized as “vile nationalists”, but while it’s pitched as the celebration of the greatness of how Great Britain used to be, the truth is it’s truly the ugliest, most vile nationalism – One that sees every other nation not as a potential collaborative friend, but as a loathsome enemy standing in the way of achieving this greatness.



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