Britain’s grand dame of fashion Vivienne Westwood urges Scotland to vote for independence ahead of the historic referendum on Thursday.

Vivienne Westwood may be staging a catwalk show, but Scotland, not clothes, is foremost on the designer’s mind.

Never one to shy away from making a political statement, the eccentric 73-year-old used her catwalk on Sunday to urge Scots to vote “Yes” to breaking away from the UK in Thursday’s referendum. Westwood proudly wore a “Yes” badge, and sent her models down the catwalk sporting the same badge prominently on their lapels or hats.

“I am so excited, fingers crossed they will win. Because, if they do, it could be the turning point towards a better world. They could lead by example,” read a statement that was placed on every guest’s seat. She had stronger words backstage, where she spoke passionately about social injustices and the lack of real democracy in England.

She denounced those who support staying in the U.K. as “scared and stupid.” “I hate England. I like Scotland because somehow I think they are better than we are. They are more democratic,” she told reporters.